The Fight For Identity

by Substance

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Thank you to everyone who made this record possible. Demand a future.
Guitar- Austin
Bass- Alex
Drums- Nathan


released April 19, 2017

Record by Brandon Bowers ( at Walter's Downtown

Demand A Future 002




Substance Houston, Texas


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Track Name: The Fight For Identity
Fucked, stressed, anxious. I’m all the above.
Alienated by those I’m supposed to trust.
Guess I’m fucked. Ain’t been right for so long.
I’ll never fucking get why I have to drag along.
The Fight For Identity.
Looking in the mirror, a million eyes stare back at me.
Bothered by the things that nobody will ever see.
Tear myself open, know that I’ll fucking bleed.
Don’t know who I am. Guess that means I’m nobody.
Track Name: Masculinity
Testosterone is a cancer to the earth
Puff out your chest and push down the rest
Is it your size or your life that drives you to hate?
or is it the ego that you masturbate?
Masculinity is no excuse.
It won’t ruin me like it ruined you.
Replaced your heart with your balls.
You’ve got a complex. Not rebelling against shit.
You’re just like the rest.
Track Name: What Will You Do?
What will you do when they're breaking down your door?
Your fear, their ignorance.
Beat the walls down.
What will you do when they're breaking down your door?
What will you do you when they come to get it all?
What will you do? Settle the score
Stand your ground they'll hold you down.
Break out.
What will you do when they breaking down the door?
What will you do, they'll come back for more.
Stand your ground, beat down their walls.
They'll hold you down. Fight, fight, fight walls.
Track Name: My Head
And when I’m falling asleep and I start to figure out
All these little things inside that I’ll never let out
So you put me in a cage and give me a name.
You’ll never hear from me, my conscience has been maimed.
In my head. it’s all dark. In my head it’s fucking dark.
Rip the bandage off, flesh exposed. No where to hide. It all shows.
In my head, it all shows. In my head. Come see the bones.
Track Name: Pity
Don’t pity me. Just run me through the dirt.
And wring me back out. Your fucking name.
It doesn’t mean shit. Where’s your guilt?
I feel mine.
Don’t pity me. I’m doing just fine.
Don’t wanna be like you. Just leave me behind.
You’re a collage of what they want you to be.
A fraud and a social parody.
Stay away. Don’t pity me. Keep Away. I’m the freak
Might be lost but what I’ve found is a boot to
the teeth and my face in the ground.
Don’t you fucking pity me.
Track Name: Hate Me
I’m just fine. How about you?
Have you heard? is it true?
What are you trying to do?
What is there to fucking prove?
You hate me for what I see
and you hate me for being me.
Twist the words that I speak.
Find my rage. Hear the shriek.
Your disdain, my reward.
Your hatred, my comfort.
I don’t hate my life
but I hate myself
lock me away, put me on the shelf.
My heart can’t take it and neither
can my stomach. I’ll just forget myself.
I’ll just say fuck it.
Stick to my friends and move along.
Shit talk me all night long.
That doesn’t make me fucking wrong.
Hate Me.
Get called out, you know it’s true.
What are you going to do?
Forget what you put them through?
Hate me.
I see it all, you’re on the ball.
Not an original.
Cut the act, rules and all.
Hate me.
Shut my mouth? I never will.
You’re the one that’s pushing swill.
The tough truth. Swallow the pill.
Hate Me.